May 13, 2007

Recommended Reading

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1. The Four Things That Matter Most
Dr. Ira Byock
Please, Thank You, Forgive me and I forgive you. Four words that can change a life.

2. Widow
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Honest, touching book on her own story by the respected psychologist.

3. How to Go on Living when Someone You Love Dies
Therese A. Rando
Some wonderful suggestions. It was the first one I read…

4. When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Rabbi Harold Kushner
Best-selling book based on his own story. Read around the globe.

5. The Grief Recovery Handbook
John W. James
Offering grievers the speciific actions needed to complete the grieving process and accept loss.

6. Smart Women Finish Rich
David Bach
Good, basic information for women of any age having to take care of themselves, with or without partners.

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