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Who am I?

You ask who or “what” is a Bryna; and why is she putting together a website for widows & widowers, and those on the verge of becoming so. I am a person just like you, who traveled through the experience of being widowed; and figured “Somebody had to do what I wish I had when it happened to me.”

I am just an average person, 5′4″, a Pisces and 106 pounds on my “heavy” days. I have been a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a mother, a significant other and joy to the world, after a VERY long wait a “Grammy.” I have defined myself at different times of my life as a ballet dancer, as Chuck’s wife & as a Jewish American “Printress.” Now, I am also pursuing my goal of becoming a Life Coach for widows and widowers.  In brief, I am someone with a passion to pay it forward, because life has been good to me before, during and after the ordeal of losing my husband.

In the years following his death, I oftentimes said, “Life would’ve been so much sweeter if he had left a rich widow, and maybe he did, I just haven’t made it yet.” This, I came to realize, was a swipe at us both because there have been financial struggles. What I shortsightedly omitted from this equation, is that in another way he left me very wealthy indeed. Besides the son we were blessed with and raised together, he taught me how to love and he taught me how to laugh. Both have proven to be gifts that have helped me to move on. What better legacy is there?

Now, I am interested in discovering who are you…

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