July 6, 2016

Revisiting loss

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Three people whose lives touched mine died within the past few weeks. One, my minister-a woman who touched the lives of many in the best of ways. She was brilliant, funny, and caring with the ability to raise us up week after week after week. We all agreed, she made us better people. RIP. You died way too soon…

One, my brother-in-law, the second of my husband’s brothers to die within a year and a half. With his passing we said, we hardly knew him…   RIP, Al. You were the sweetest guy.

The last, the husband of a dear friend. He was sick for so long, we worried she might go first-just from the stresses imposed by those overseeing his healthcare. What a nightmare that was. RIP. Brian.

I saved this one for last, because it affected me the most. I sat in ICU with him. It brought memories of the saddest time of my life, when I did the same thing with my late husband almost 20 years ago. Twenty years! Where has the time gone to? That is what is saddest to me. It made me see how easily we let life pass us by -which makes for so much regret. I came home saying time goes so fast and I can’t let the years I may have ahead of me just go by without squeezing the best out of them.

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