October 20, 2013


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After years of seeing myself sitting at the front of a room, or within a safe circle, I may finally have the opportunity to facilitate a journaling workshop. I know what journaling has done for me-in both good times and bad-and I berate myself when time passes and words I could’ve put to paper have instead taken on a life of their own-because I didn’t take the time-or care enough about my own well-being-to get them out and put them down on paper.

Words spoken aloud have a lot of power. They can do good if communicated the right way. They can do harm if not. Words written also have power. One can put on paper what one may not have the courage to say aloud for one reason or another. Or, write out what needs to be said with a chance to massage your words so they come out the right way, instead of in a burst of anger. Journaling has taught me how to open a dialogue, without saying, “You!” when I’m upset.

Journaling is for one’s eyes only. Or to be shared. The pages can be kept and reread-or not- or shredded.

Journaling isn’t meant to be perfect. It’s a creative outlet for words and thoughts that need someplace to go without judgment.

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