August 10, 2013

Where has the time gone to?

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The husband of a dear friend died recently. It took a few days for me to reach out to her because my own memories got in the way.

Like a rerun, I saw it all in front of me like it was yesterday, when in reality it is almost 17 years. How much of what I remember is real?  There was just so much drama! What I want to know is, does any one ever get completely past all the sadness of that life-changing experience? I think not-even when one goes on to have a very good life, filled with many very good things to “Kvell”* about.

I saw her sadness and her shock, and was amazed at how quickly she moved on to take care of all the many details that needed to be seen to. Then I remembered, so did I.

She started eliminating the people in her life who were there only because of their relationship with her husband. Then I remembered, so did I.

She immediately connected with other single / widowed women. I realize I did that too.

In an instant you become part of a sisterhood you never thought you’d belong to.

One day, she too will ask, where has the time gone to-and then she’ll reach out to someone else.

*Kvell, of course means, the thing that makes you smile on the inside.

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