September 15, 2011

What is it that’s missed most?

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I once had a conversation with a long time widow. We got to talking about what she missed most about her husband-and, what she didn’t miss at all. “His underwear,” she said. “I don’t miss his underwear! I was so tired of picking his underwear up off the floor.” I laughed. She laughed. It felt so good to laugh together.

Even widows (or widowers for that matter) who weren’t too crazy about their partners (and, yes! there are plenty of those!) miss something even if was just having someone else around.

Some miss the conversations. Some miss having a traveling companion. Some miss the “lovin’,” the emotional and oftentimes physical nourishment it provides.

All miss someone to share a meal with. There’s just something about eating alone that’s sad. Take some time and ask yourself, “What do I miss?” Then ask yourself what you don’t. My guess is this will give you a lot to think about. Make a list on both sides of the column.

Then stop, think and write down what you think your partner might miss about you…and maybe invite someone who’s lonely to share a meal with you.

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