December 26, 2010

A new beginning…

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On the welcome page of Widow’s Journal” I wrote, “Every end has a new beginning,” followed by, “It really is true…” What I didn’t say, is that one never knows if or when that new beginning might be.

For me, after 14 years it is about to happen. I am getting married to a really great guy. I have been blessed a second time; only this time I know it from the beginning. Wisdom comes with age.
I had a really good marriage, so I know what it takes. The ingredients are trust, friendship, respect, love and a really good sense of humor-on the part of both partners.

I’ve learned that as old as one might be, one is young on the inside and still gets giddy with excitement at the thought of being a bride and having those closest to one’s heart in attendance to witness this celebration of life.

Enjoy your memories. They are your past.

Make the most of the present. Keep yourself open to possibility.

Look forward to the future.

A great new beginning may be there for you too.

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